Students to celebrate release of Asian-interest magazine

UF now offers a magazine that caters to the Asian community.

Sparks Magazine, UF’s only Asian-interest publication, will hold its release party today on the second floor of the Reitz Union by the auditorium.

Magazines will be distributed after the screening of the 2006 film “The Namesake” at 5:30 p.m.

The magazine aims to inspire members of the Asian-American community and provide insight about Asian culture in Gainesville.

“I’ve always felt that magazines were a powerful way to communicate with society,” said Kevina Lee, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

Maureen Mariano, co-managing editor of the magazine, said she hopes the release brings support and publicity.

“I want people to see the message behind this first issue,” said Mariano, a 20-year-old journalism sophomore.

The release is in collaboration with UF’s Asian Kaleidoscope Month, which is dedicated to celebrating Asian history, culture and contributions.

Before Sparks Magazine was created, the Asian community at UF had a magazine, but it was geared toward literary writing.

Lee, a 21-year-old journalism junior, wanted to get involved, but the publication shut down before she could do so.

After being involved with the Asian American Student Union organization at UF, she decided she wanted to revive the cultural aspect of the magazine but with a different vision.

“I wanted to make a brand new magazine, incorporating more journalism and more of a reason for people to read it,” she said.

Linda Son, the magazine’s creative director and a 20-year-old telecommunication junior, wants the magazine to be a constant source of information and hopes it can be a long-lasting voice on the UF campus.

The magazine also has a website,, which is updated regularly.

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